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Here at Combine Performance we are breaking the mold of how golf instruction and sports performance is currently offered. Our fully integrated, multi-platform performance company offers golf instruction, fitness instruction, mental conditioning, custom club fitting & building, nutrition, and lifestyle. We are the only ones that bridge the gaps between them all so that the customer develops at rapid speeds and sees real change across the board. So come join #teamcombine and become part of the movement.


Train with the best; train for success!

Private Lessons

Team Combine Coaches offer a refreshing approach to learning and understanding the golf swing. With our expert staff of coaches, and unmatched technology, you will experience golf like never before. Book one of our performance coaches today and realize your full potential.  

Custom Club Fitting&Building

To understand your your true golfing potential it is crucial to understand the importance of getting equipment fit both to your physical static measurements and your dynamic movement. Our combine professionals take the fitting and building of your clubs to the highest level of detail in efforts to make golf easier and much less taxing on your body. Come get fit for clubs like never before and experience the difference.  

Junior Development

Combine Performance is highly invested in our junior programs and offerings for young juniors to high school seniors. Our coaches are the very best in the industry when it comes to developing young adults into champions and more importantly into well rounded students. 

Combine Performance offers junior private, group and team rates. 

Call now so that one of our experts can evaluate where your junior should start.


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Massage Therapy

Combine Performance is proud to announce it's partnership with Proactive Therapy to provide the best in massage therapy, chronic pain management, and muscle recovery. This service truly gives the Combine Performance team of professionals all the tools to provide the very best all around experience for our customers. 

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"Our mission is to constantly and consistently challenge the capabilities of the human body through research and the never-ending seek of facts. This ensures our customers (family) get the very highest quality service."

Michael Pinkey - Founder


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